Bursa Science Expo 2018

We will come back in 2018.

Bursa Science Expo

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Bursa Science Festival / AstroFest 2017

Workshops were developed by the Department of Mathematics of the Utrecht University to introduce the concepts of sundials and astrolabes at events in 2017 which were organised by the Bursa Science Center.
Workshops were presented by:
◊ Henk Hietbrink
◊ Wilfred de Graaf
◊ Rob van Gent
◊ Irem Aslan Seyhan
◊ Kubra Konya

Science Expo 2017

Sundial Workshop 2017


Links to teacher meeting

A teacher meeting was held at Thursday, July 27th at the Bursa Science Center.

Teacher Meeting at Bursa Science Center

Links to websites

Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam

Catalogue of the Instrument of the Institute for the History of Arabic and Islamic Sciences: Astrolabes





Links to documents

Roy, Clarke, Astronomy Principles And Practice

Jenkins: The Sun's position in the sky

Morrison: The Astrolabe

BYU Museum of Art: The Astrolabe workshop


proof stereographic projection

Usefull animations

geogebra My sundial

geogebra My astrolabe

geogebra My meridian